How to Make 50th Birthday Parties Memorable

If you want to through a 50th birthday party for a friend, colleague or relative, you'll have to know few things. First, it ain't gonna be easy. Second, you'll need to put in some time and money to make it a memorable event for both the celebrant and other guests. Here are few things to consider.

Choose a theme

This isn't just any birthday, but celebration of half a century of one's life so you better think thoroughly what's nice and appropriate. Think about what your friend/relative/colleague likes and act accordingly. Some of the popular choices are Golden celebration, where the main motif is gold and old; Retro, where music and styling will match the decade of the celebrant's youth; and a Hawaiian party, which can be held at the beach.

Rent a venue

If you have the money -- or if you can organize other people to donate for this cause -- rent a special venue. Among cool places to consider are castle, mansion, shop or barge, and private beach resort. All of these options can be costly, so pick the one the celebrant will like the most.

How to Make 50th Birthday Parties Memorable

Choose guests wisely

Remember that although you'll be the one organizing this party - it is not your party. You'll want to think about which guests the celebrant would like to see at his/her 50th birthday celebration. Make a list of friends, colleagues, family members and relatives. You'll be making a ton of calls and emails to get all people on board for this event.

Recorded greetings could be cool

But they don't have to be. So if you want to play them during the party, you must screen them first. It is essential to keep the celebrant in the good mood so pick only the ones that will cheer him/her up. Recordings are especially great for people who for some reason can't attend the party -- for instance, they may be living on the other side of the world.

Movie clips can be cool, too

But again, they don't have to be. You don't want guests to watch the big screen during the party. Perhaps when they're eating you'll want to entertain them by playing clips from old movies. Speaking of which, you should know (or find out) which movies the celebrant likes and include them to the compilation.

Invite a band

Live band is pretty much a must. There are some great DJs, but nothing beats the live performance. Invite a band that can play both old and new songs so that the celebrant and guests can dance the night away. Make sure to provide band with the list of songs you want to hear -- again, find out celebrant's favorite bands.

All this will require extra time, but if you want the celebrant to have an awesome party for his/her 50th birthday, it's worth the effort. Good luck! ;)