Attitudes and Characteristics of Smartphone Users

We have another infographic to show you, this time looking at attitudes and characteristics of people who use smartphones.

iPhone is the single most loved device

In fact, 65% of iPhone owners surveyed said they can't live without their shiny gadget. Moreover, 40% said they would give up their coffee rather than the iPhone, while 18% would rather stop bathing every day before giving up on their "object of desire." But that's not all - 15% would rather give up sex than go a weekend without the iPhone. Weird or what?

It's all about the apps

According to a Nielsen study examining app downloads, the following categories were most used by people who had downloaded an app: games (64%), weather (60%), social networking (56%), maps/search (51%), music (44%), news (39%), entertainment (34%), finance (32%), movies/video (26%) and shopping (26%).

Unsurprisingly, iPhone users are the heaviest gamers, spending on average 14.7 hours per month on this activity. In contract, folks with Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry devices spend 9.3, 4.7 and 4.5 hours per month, respectively.

There's a party?

Interestingly enough, one study reveals that most iPhone owners use their phone in a social setting: 58% do so occasionally or usually, 25% - almost always, and only 17% - rarely or never.

What about sports?

Sports and smartphones go hand in hand like popcorn and movies. For instance, during the first 2 days of the 2012 NCAA basketball tournaments, smartphone sports consumption jumped 83%. Overall, during the tournament 20% of sports traffic was from smartphones and tablets.

Different phones attract different types of people

According to one study, iPhone users perceive themselves as slightly more optimistic and easy going than Android users do. But both seem to be more easygoing and optimistic than BlackBerry owners, 33% of which believe if something can go wrong - it will, and another 33% rarely count on good things happening to them.

Remember there's a "smart" in smartphone

StudyBlue's survey of customers says that those who use their mobile devices to help them study are almost 3 times more likely to track their academic progress, while studying 40 more minutes each week because they can study on the go. Moreover, this group also doesn't pull too many all-nighters - they are twice as likely to study between 6 a.m. and 8 a.m.

Finally, it's worth adding that mobile phone owners with a household income of $75,000 or more are 3-4X more likely to own a BlackBerry or iPhone than those in lower income brackets.

Attitudes and Characteristics of Smartphone Users

[Via: OnlineColleges]