Are Small Businesses Ready for Mobile?

Are Small Businesses Ready for Mobile? released a nice infographic after surveying 500 small business owners (with less than 100 employees). Unfortunately, the findings suggest small business are not ready for mobile though those who tried it are experiencing great results.

Of all the respondents:

  • 60% of have a website
  • 26% have a mobile-friendly website
  • 14% have a stand-alone mobile website where layout is specifically designed for mobile phones

Of those 14%, 84% saw an increase in new business activity due to their mobile marketing efforts, and 69% somewhat or strongly agree that "mobile marketing is key to their small business growth in the next 5 years."

Motivations and hurdles

Top 2 motivations to invest in a mobile presence are:

  1. Provide better service to existing customers
  2. Attract more local customers

Top 2 hurdles in leveraging mobile marketing:

  1. Time and resources
  2. Budget: 3% will spend less, 33% will spend the same as last year, and 64% will spend more marketing dollars on mobile compared to last year.

Limited marketing resources

Small business owners have limited marketing with 64% acting as a one-person marketing department. 61% of small businesses are not currently promoting their business through mobile search.

Speaking of which, mobile search leads to purchase - a quarter of U.S. smartphone Internet users who searched for local businesses on their phone made a purchase in-store.

  • 1 in 5 made a purchase online
  • over half called the business
  • 49% looked up the business on a map

And here's how it all comes together in an infographic.

Are Small Businesses Ready for Mobile?